Chess in Richmond Virginia

Chess RVA teaches scholastic chess throughout the Greater Richmond area, offering chess instruction and supervised play. Research shows that chess improves math, reading and problem-solving skills, while providing an added benefit of fun. Other benefits of chess include improved critical thinking skills, creativity, patience, accountability and sportsmanship.

Our programs are affordable as well as flexible and may be offered before, after or during school hours, on weekends and as holiday and summer camps.

In addition to chess, teaching other board game strategies is another option provided by Board Game Champions. Board games teach children how to: follow directions, be a good winner/loser, plan ahead, interact with others, and use their imagination. Board games also provide a “screen free” chance for children to have fun.

Based in Chesterfield County, Chess RVA and Board Game Champions have been providing chess and board game instruction since 2012 working with over 40 schools in the greater Richmond area.

Not surprisingly, there are enthusiastic parents at every school who would like to start a chess or board game program.  Let Chess RVA make the process easier.  Here is how to start a chess and/or board game program in your school:

  1. Get permission from the school principal or the PTA to offer a chess and/or board game class.
  2. Chess RVA will provide a flyer to send out to students to determine interest.
  3. Chess RVA will then take registrations, provide all the materials and a coach for the classroom sessions.  Our coaches are trained players and instructors.  They have been background checked and screened to ensure they are effective coaches able to teach in a way children can easily understand.
  4. Each class is generally one hour long before or after school, one day per week. The time of the program, length and number of sessions can be flexible depending on the needs or desires of the school and the participants, however 8-10 week sessions are recommended.

Public, private, or home schooled – Chess RVA can bring the academic and social benefits of chess and board games to your students.  Contact Brian Garbera at  or 804-464-1628 for more information or to begin the process.


“Chess teaches foresight, by having to plan ahead; vigilance, by having to keep watch over the whole chessboard; caution, by having to restrain ourselves from making hasty moves; and finally, we learn from chess the greatest maxim in life—that even when everything seems to be going badly for us we should not lose heart, but always hoping for a change for the better, steadfastly continue searching for the solutions to our problems.”

Benjamin Franklin