My son, a second grader, has really enjoyed the after school chess program.  As most people know, chess is an intellectually stimulating and rewarding activity, and we are very lucky that chess class has provided this opportunity for the students at his school.  We look forward to signing him up again next year!

Sherry H., Richmond

Chess class has been a wonderful experience for my child this school year. He has learned so much about the game and is now confident in his ability to play. Watching my son think through all his moves, lets me know that he is able to problem solve. This skill also helps him in completing his school work. He loves to go to chess each week. Thank you to all the coaches!

Michele C., Henrico

I am delighted that chess class is at Greenfield Elementary School.  The students have great fun leaning the skills and of course playing chess.  Our students love this program and I can highly recommend it to you.

Mary Dunn, Principal, Greenfield Elementary School

My two children really enjoyed their experience learning about chess.  The classes are well organized and gave even the more experienced players tips on how to improve their game.  The coaches really work well with kids and the program they use teaches kids the fundamentals in a fun and easy way.  I would recommend these chess classes to anyone looking for a great way to introduce chess to their children.

Laura M.

We are thrilled that our son is studying chess.  We know that the instruction is excellent, because he entered his first tournament and won first place in his age group!  Learning to play chess has been very confidence building as well as fun for him.  Much thanks to the coaches for the great job that they do!

Cassandra Dutrey-Ellis, Chesterfield

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